I taught several courses both to undergraduate and graduate students, ranging from individual supervision to teaching large groups of students. I have also experience with teaching both synchronous and asynchronous online classes. I obtained my University Teaching Qualification certificate in November 2015.

At the University of Minnesota, I teach:

  • JOUR 1001 Introduction to Mass Communication
  • JOUR 3005 Mass Media Effects
  • JOUR 4251 Psychology of Advertising
  • JOUR 4272 Digital Advertising
  • JOUR 8009 Pro-seminar in Mass Communication
  • JOUR 8501 Quantitative Mass Communication Research Methods
  • JOUR 8502 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods
  • JOUR 8620 Advertising Theory and Research

“I really learned so much and that would not have been possible without your teaching. You made each and every class interesting and engaging. I don’t think I would have learned as much if I did not have you as my professor. I can’t put into words how fun these classes were because you made the content so interesting and I just wanted to learn more after each class.”
(Student, JOUR3005 and JOUR4251)

“Most organized professor I have ever had. Extremely clear about due dates and grading. Made it very possible to succeed. Really listened to our feedback and made me feel like my opinion mattered even in a huge lecture. Went through lessons at a good pace and always allowed questions and helpful feedback. One of the best professors I have ever had!”
(Student, JOUR1001)

“I recommend Prof. Segijn to anyone who is taking JOUR 3005, especially during a pandemic. Her class structure was VERY clear. Claire made the class very straight–forward, but still interesting. Even though we had lecture slides, Prof. Segijn was always in high spirits and even made us feel apart of the class with DIY projects. Prof. Segijn is one of my favorite instructors this year by far.
(Student, JOUR3005 asynchronously online)

“Dr. Segijn used several different tactics to enhance my learning experience, including recap quizzes after each lecture, catch–up weeks, and fun in–class activities. She is obviously very knowledgeable about the material, but presented it in a way that was easy to understand. She gave us several opportunities to provide her with feedback (and she actually listened to this feedback). Her lectures also made clear that she has a genuine commitment to and appreciation for diversity in the industry. She is truly one of the best professors I’ve had at the U and I would strongly recommend her to other students.”
(Student, JOUR4251)


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