AEF Visiting Professor Program

I had the pleasure of being part of the ANA Educational Foundation visiting professor program for the past two weeks. It was an amazing experience in which I learned so much about the advertising and media industry and bring that knowledge back with me to the classroom and integrate it in my research!

The first week consisted of the immersion in which we visited different agencies in New York City, NY. With 30+ professors we had the opportunity to get insights from Ogilvy, Momentum Worldwide, Facebook, McCann, R/GA Wavemaker, and IBM!

The second week, I had the chance to stay at Spark Foundry for a week. I want to thank them for the excellent hosting, Taslima Parvin for putting an amazing schedule together for me, and everyone who I spoke to for an hour (!) of your valuable time. Finally, I had the honor of presenting my research on synced advertising and the multitasking consumer.

I want to thank all the other professors in the program who definitely contributed to making this the best experience! I hope we will stay in touch. Last but definitely not least, I want to thank Sharon Hudson, this experience was simply not possible if it wasn’t for you!

I would highly recommend professors in marketing, advertising, communications, or media to apply for next year!


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