News: ICA 2019

I just got back from the ICA where I attended inspiring presentations, met new people, and catched up with friends.

One of my personal highlights was being awarded with the Biennial Best Dissertation Award of the Mobile Communication Interest Group! I’m thrilled and incredibly honored to be selected for this award.

I want to thank the award committee, my advisors Professor Edith Smit & Dr. Hilde Voorveld (great mentors and examples!), ASCoR, my co-authors Dr. Lisa Vandeberg & Dr. Sjoerd Pennekamp, and many more who have directly or indirectly supported me.

Another personal highlight was that I presented my research on synced advertising for the first time at an international conference. Hopefully, many more will follow!

  • More information on my dissertation can be found here.
  • More info on the synced advertising project can be found here.

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